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About Trufill

The honest solution to high performance insulation.

Trufill® Insulation is a high-performance insulation system. It differs from traditional New Zealand insulation systems like batts or blankets because it’s based on blown insulation.

The benefit of blown insulation is that you typically get superior installed R-Values. This means better installed performance which is achieved because the product gets around all the pipework and electrical wiring with few or no gaps.

Blown insulation systems have been used internationally for years but you haven’t often seen these systems in New Zealand. New Zealand insulation standards have typically been quite low compared to the rest of the world and builders haven’t needed to look outside established product solutions. Recent changes to the building code mean we’re going to see new high-performance systems introduced to meet the new requirements. Trufill’s blown insulation system is the perfect insulation solution to meet these new standards.

One of the great things about the Trufill® system is its flexibility. It can be used for insulating ceilings, walls, underfloor, midfloor and acoustic applications. The versatility of the system means it can be used across almost all types of building styles and can be blown at different densities and thicknesses to achieve a wide range of installed R-Values. Depending on the type of build, we can configure the system to suit your application.

Trufill® has a nationwide distribution network and can install your house regardless of where it is in New Zealand. If you’re worried about the pending changes to H1 or you’re looking to build a high-performance home please get in touch with us.

Benefits of Trufill Insulation

Trufill doesn’t just provide you with high performance insulation, it also has great acoustic properties and is simple and easy to install by approved partners.

High Thermal Performance

Maximum performance in walls, mid-floor, cathedral/skillion roof cavities.

Reduces Noise Transfer

Acoustic properties reduce sound passing through construction cavities

Fast Installation

Trufill is fast and easy to install by accreditated installers and available nationwide.

Good for the environment

Trufill is manufactured from up to to 80 percent recycled glass content.
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