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New rules surrounding the installation and repair of foil insulation

New rules surrounding the installation and repair of foil insulation. With the holiday DIY period coming up the Warmafloor team would like to remind everybody about the changes to the rules concerning foil insulation. Since 1 July 2016 a simple repair, such as re-stapling a piece of torn foil back into place, could earn a […]

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Different Types of Insulation Products

When if comes to insulating your home – there are lots of different products to choose from. There are also a lot of risks to choosing the right products. Lets take a look at some of these products below. We recommend the following products for a total insulation solution. Insulate your walls with CosyWall blown […]

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How is Warmafloor Insulation Installed?

Warmafloor insulation is installed hard against the floor to prevent vented cavities that can halve the Total installed R-value. Warmafloor underfloor insulation is supported by stapling, so it remains in contact with the floor. Warmafloor is cut over width for the cavity to prevent edge or joint gaps, and has moisture absorption <1%. Under floor […]

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