About Warmafloor

About Warmafloor

Warmafloor Insulation is an unbonded, Glasswool insulation designed with optimal thermal properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. Warmafloor can be installed into both new build and existing floors and midfloors.

It can be used to form the total thermal solution or as an additional thermal layer to existing insulation. Warmafloor can only be installed by approved installers to ensure the highest quality and installed performance.

Warmafloor Insulation can be used for both retrofit and new build applications. The product is specifically designed to fill all gaps and voids, creating a complete thermal barrier against heat loss or gain. The product can be installed in most floors and midfloors.

The product also has excellent acoustic performance and is made with up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass.

Warmafloor Insulation is capable of achieving very high installed R-Values. This makes it the perfect insulation product for ensuring compliance with the new H1 insulation standards. Click here to view further technical information on Warmafloor.


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High Thermal Performance

Blown insulation makes it simple to achieve high thermal performance.
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Noise Transfer

Warmafloor Insulation helps absorb sound waves and reduces noise transfer in the home.

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Warmafloor is fast and easy to install by accreditated installers and available nationwide.

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Good for the

Warmafloor is manufactured from up to to 80 percent recycled glass content.


Is Warmafloor Insulation completely safe for the family?

Warmafloor is made up to 80% recycled glass and inert materials that are non-combustible and can help inhibit the spread of fire. For recessed lights we specify XLP protectors around every light. Warmafloor is a non combustible material.

Warmafloor mineral wool insulation will not exceed the Gib 2010 Guide maximum weight until R10, so is suitable for most gib board or plaster ceilings. The most critical factor for safe, long-term performance is a correct installation system. Warmafloor is a proven performer since 1995.

Warmafloor Insulation is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of over 50 years!

Why should you insulate your floors with Warmafloor?

Quite simply floor insulation works to keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in! Think of it like a chilly bin or vaccuum flask, if you put hot food in it stays warm and if you put cold food in it stays cold. Heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes.

Correctly designed & fitted insulation:

1. Saves money and our nation’s limited energy resources
2. Makes your house more comfortable by helping to maintain a uniform temperature
3. Keeps your house drier and healthier.

Poorly insulated homes are usually cold & damp in bed and service rooms, with occupants crowded over a heater in one area to keep warm. Homes insulated with the full proven systems use similar amounts of energy to keep your whole home at a healthy, comfortable temperature. The Warmafloor insulation system is a great investment for your home.

If you’d like to know more about Warmafloor floor insulation give our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 267 992 or send us a message!

What makes Warmafloor different from other floor insulation products?

Until recently, the only way to retrofit insulation to your floors was to use a segment or batt product. Typically, these products have lower thermal resistance values and the installation process can often leave gaps of voids when installing around pipework or cables.

Warmafloor insulation is a blown insulation product. It’s installed under the floorboards, or your mid-floors in-between the floor joists using a specialised installation process.

Blown insulation can be installed at different densities so is the perfect insulation where you’re looking for a high performance thermal and acoustic insulation product. The installation process is quick and easy, and the product fills up all the gaps and voids typically left by other products.

How good is Warmafloor Insulation?

Warmafloor is a premium insulation product, and one of the best insulation products available allowing you to keep the outside temperature out, and the inside temperature in!

The total installed thermal floor insulation effectiveness of Warmafloor is superior to batting or blanket, as it fills the entire floor cavity – without joints, gaps, thermal bridging, or vented cavities commonly found between linings, batting or blanket insulation. It provides premier insulation values. Batting insulation or blanket materials need at least two layers to achieve the same installed thermal effectiveness of Warmafloor insulation.

Talk to us today about installing Warmafloor insulation into your floor or midfloor today.

Still have some questions?

If you still have some questions about Warmafloor Insulation or would like to have a chat to one of our customer service representatives feel free to give us a call.

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