Technical Specifications

The following table shows R-Values when Warmafloor Insulation is blown into a cavity at various densities. These values are indicitave and are based on standard timber frame construction.
Product Thickness
High Density – 28kg
Medium Density – 23kg
Low Density – 18kg
45mm 1.3 1.3 1.2
90mm 2.7 2.5 2.3
140mm 4.1 3.9 3.6
190mm 5.6 5.3 4.9
240mm 7.1 6.7 6.2
300mm 8.8 8.3 7.7
360mm 10.6 10.0 9.2
400mm 11.8 11.1 10.3
Underfloor Insulation


Perfect for insulating the floors of existing homes

Trufill Roof

Floors &

Can be used to insulate the mid-floors of multi-story homes

Trufill Roof

New Build Applications

High performance floor insulation for new builds.

Additional Information

Thermal Performance

Warmafloor provides excellent thermal performance due to a low thermal conductivity and a complete and consistent installation. Warmafloor provides a choice of R-Values based on the installed thickness and installed weight per square metre. The stated thermal resistance (R-Value) is provided by installing the required density at the thickness (per the manufacturer’s instructions). 

Warmafloor is designed to be installed at a target density of 8-9kg/m3. Refer to the thermal performance table for more details. Warmafloor will achieve R-Values that with the use of NZS 4214 are able to meet the minimum requirements of NZS 4218 and the Energy Efficiency requirements for ceilings.

Acoustic performance
Improves sound transmission class (STC) by between 4 and 10 points.
Energy conservation
Reduces energy usage and utility bills for heating and air conditioning.
Engineered Blow-in Insulation System
Warmafloor is an engineered solution which incorporates a system approach to the insulation of your ceiling space. A range of accessories are supplied with the System to provide a range of solutions and performance checks. Backed by the Approved Installer network, to provide confidence in the performance of the product.
– Fast and easy to install with the added confidence of an Approved Installer.
– Easily fills hard to reach and low pitch roofs.
– Non-combustible, non-corrosive.
– Will not rot, mildew or deteriorate.
– Will not sustain vermin.
– Will not settle.
– Consistent, reliable performance.
– Performs for the lifetime of the building.
Equipment required
To achieve the required R-Value, this product must be installed using an approved blowing machine and equipment. Installation must be complete inline with the system guidelines and by an Approved Installer.

Specification Guide

The insulation shall be Warmafloor insulation 0.055W/mK (NZ), 8-9kg/m3. The product will be non-combustible, CFC/HCFC free, zero ODP and GWP, Glasswool insulation with high post-consumer recycled glass content. It will be manufactured under Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and shall be installed in accordance with the instructions issued by them.

Specification Compliance

– ASTM and AS/NZS 4859.1 compliance.

– Fire Resistance (AS1530.1:1994 – non-combustible).

– US GREENGUARD Gold Certified and verified to be formaldehyde free.

– Warmafloor is manufactured with up to 80% post-consumer glass content

New Zealand Building Code Compliance

Clause B2 DURABILITY: Performance B2,3,1(b) 15 years. Warmafloor will meet this requirement.

Clause E3 INTERNAL MOISTURE: Performance E3.3.1. Warmafloor will contribute to meeting this requirement.

Clause F2 HAZARDOUS BUILDING MATERIALS: Performance F2.3.1. Warmafloor meets this requirement and will not present a health hazard to people.

Clause H1 ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Performance H1.3.1(a) and H1.3.2 E. Warmafloor will contribute to meeting these requirements. Warmafloor thermal resistance has been determined by AS/NZS 4859.1. Warmafloor is an acceptable solution in terms of the New Zealand Building Code.

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